General User Guide: Mobile App Beta Testing

General User Guide: Mobile App Beta Testing

Thank you for opting in to help us finalize this version of the Best Life mobile app!

There are three key concepts that we want to be sure are positive experiences for end-users.
1. Ease of data entry for Ratings, Events, Notes and importing data takeouts.
2. Accurate capture of your well being and feelings through the surveys.
3. Ease of use of Events for different needs, like symptom tracking, trigger monitoring, and more.


At first open, your Best Life app will request permissions for Health kits and Location. Please allow all, for the most personalized data experience.
If you do not allow these permissions, the app will still provide you with insights but will be limited with real-time environmental and health data.

It is not necessary to import historical information using the data takeout method.

It is not necessary to approve location access in settings, but it does provide you with accurate environmental information, like weather and pollen.

If at any time you need product support, please use the support desk at


When you first receive your Beta Testing invite, you will need to follow the instructions for your operating system. When you're through those instructions, go ahead and dive into the app!

After entering the app, you'll land on your diary timeline. This will include all of your entries in a timeline view, for at-a-glance insights. This is great to check if you took a medication earlier, checking if there were any notes you needed to remember, and for quickly adding new entries.

Mood Ratings

These use a simple scale for your overall mood, and a Goldilocks scale for Physical, Social, and Intellectual activity to determine the amount of stress you've experienced. If you've had too much of something, it would get a +2. If you've had too little, it receives a -2. If you'd like to add more detail, we have an explanation field at the bottom of the Rating input.

These mood rating entries are available in a data visualization in your Graphs.


Like any journal or diary mobile app, you can add specific notes to your timeline and categorize them for ease-of-reference later. These are intended to be searchable in the next version of the mobile app.


Events are instances of a symptom or other time-based activities. For example, taking a medication at a certain time would be an Event. Drinking caffeine is also an event. We are expanding this over time to include manual entries and automated entries from all sorts of data providers: body temperature, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, smart scales, etc. We will also expand this to accommodate long-term events like arthritis pain, flare-ups, and other conditions.

Settings > Profile

In your profile, under settings, you can link additional Google accounts.

Settings > Privacy

In your Privacy settings, you can sign out, clear your local data, or delete your data entirely.

Impressed with our software and want to help?

Please consider a monthly contribution. All donations help with our software infrastructure costs and ongoing feature development. We are nonprofit, and we are here for you.

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